Why Does My Apartment Key Not Work?

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Apartment Key Not Turning?

I recently moved into a new apartment in Phoenix, AZ and experienced a common problem for renters. I was given newly cut keys to my apartment. I was eager to move-in immediately. However, I experienced problems with my apartment door key. The key was very difficult to push into the lock—which was a deadbolt. I attempted to turn it and it wouldn’t budge. I tried all the little tricks I could think of like jiggling the key, pushing on the door, lifting up on the door handle, pulling on the door. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

After a week of this frustrating process—mind you, it is 100+ degrees and I’m on the third floor. I asked the building manager about it, and he told me, “They’re new keys. You have to break them in. Another week passed and the key still would not work properly. The key was getting stuck in the lock and I feared it might break.

I brought the problem up again and demanded action. I took the manager to my door and asked him to try the keys. After he struggled, he eventually sighed—wiping the streams of sweat coming over his brow—and admitted, “You’re right. This is not right.” His solution was to give me the master key to my apartment (management’s copy) and he’d take the newly cut ones.

What To Do When Your Apartment Key Does Not Work

The apartment manager’s solution was temporary and failed to address the bigger picture. Sure, it was much easier to open my apartment door, but I still questioned how many keys they had cut and if my apartment was actually secure. You see, locks are subject to wear and tear. Duplicate keys can damage locks. It is even worse for locks when a duplicate of a duplicate is made.

Worn or rusted locks are serious home security access points of entry, because they are easier to pick and break. They also are more difficult to open with a key over time. My apartment complex is also an older one, so the doors and locks are not updated models with the latest security options.

If you experience this issue, you should suggest that the apartment manager call a locksmith, such as Squaw Peak Lock and Key of Phoenix, AZ. The locks need to be replaced and new keys cut. This is important for the security of your apartment and your personal safety when attempting to enter the front door.