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Summer Safety

Summer Safety Tips

The Arizona summer heat is right around the corner, bringing many residents out for activities and events in the Valley. Baseball is back in the swing of their season, hiking and swimming are common outdoor activities and lots of summer festivals of various interests like food, music or culture. With that being said, it is important to not only ensure your own safety and security, but also your property as well.

Quick Safety Tips for Summer in Arizona

  • Pools. If you have a pool at your house, be sure it is gated. This not only protects your property from trespassers but also protects pets and children from potential drowning accidents.
  • Cars. Be sure to lock your car doors and close windows. It might be extremely hot out, but the slightest opening of a window leaves the perfect opportunity for a thief to gain entrance into your vehicle. Park in a garage, if applicable, or under some shade. Don’t hide spare keys under tires, or elsewhere in the car.
  • Kids and Pets in Cars. It seems silly to be reminded to check for your child(ren) or pet(s) before locking your car, but there has been shocking statistics of children dying from the heat, when a parent absent-mindedly left their child(ren) in the car. The same can be said for pets. You might think, “I’m only going to be a couple minutes.” Or something like, “Well, it’s only mid-70s and I parked in the shade.” But the indoor temperature increases to much higher temperatures than outside. Just be sure to double check your backseat for your sleeping child or pet.
  • Hiking. If you drive to a mountain area for hiking, be sure to find legal and safe parking areas. Make sure you’re parked far enough off the main roads and you lock your doors. Stow away all valuable you don’t wish to take with you on your hike in a locked glovebox or other secure place in your car. Non-property safety tip: Be sure to stay hydrated as well! Drink plenty of water!
  • Outings. Things like concerts or sporting events can be difficult to find parking despite many parking garages available in designated areas. If you’re parking on the street, be sure to park near or under a well lit area. This can ensure more security availability to identify suspects. Turn wheels toward curb to deter or make it more difficult for towing thieves to steal your car.

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