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Ten years ago the Phoenix area was considered to be the top places in the country for car break ins and thefts, truly living up to its wild west beginnings. Phoenix in general along with the East Valley now ranks about 60th thanks to local law enforcement, security staff at public venues, and precautions the general public has made over the last several years. However this does not mean car thefts and break ins never happen at all in the East Valley area of Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, and Tempe. A lot of common places for your car to get broken into around the East valley are places with a high density of people like a mall. Tempe’s Arizona Mills Mall had 33 stolen vehicles in just this last year for example and seems to be a prime target for car thefts in the East Valley. Our experts at Squaw Peak Locksmith have had to deal with the aftermath of countless break in attempts for the ones that get recovered and below are some tips to keep your property secure.

  • Advertise that you have a security system with a sticker from the company in your rear view mirror
  • Use a club that wraps around the steering wheel when visiting high density areas such as a mall or public venue
  • Have the cars vin number etched in the windshield so the car can be easily identified if stolen
  • Roll up all your windows upon leaving the car
  • Remove all valuables from sight that might tempt a thief
  • Park somewhere highly visible
  • Lock up (simple but many forget)