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screen door safety

Protecting your front door with a screen door is an excellent idea. When locked, you can open your front door to see who is at the door without the risk of being attacked. Leave the door open so you can get a breeze in the house or if you know someone is on his way over, leave the door open and security gate locked so you can see and hear when they arrive.

How Does a Locksmith Increase Screen Door Safety?

As a locksmith I run into two issues with screen doors all the time. In most cases the space between the screen door and the door to the house is small; the two doors sit on the same step and leave very little room in between. This is a problem because most screen doors come with holes that fit regular house locks, if the two knobs are at the same height and in most cases they are, the locks touch each other making the screen door or the house door hard to close. The second issue is the thickness of the screen door, Deadbolts and knobs are a spacing between the two sides that fit the latch, the screws that come with these locks are designed to fit a door that is thicker than the screen door, in result the residential locks end up sitting loose on the door, when you tighten the screws to much they put presser on the latch making it stick, too loose and the lock might fall off.

Choose the Correct Screen Door for Your Home

The second problem has an easy fix. What I do in cases like this is I take a disk and cut ½ inch off the screw, in 99% of all cases that is enough, but if you need more, do so. This issue is a little more complex so what I recommended is to avoid the whole issue by choosing the correct screen door in the first place.

There is a different type of lock that can go on security gate doors, made by Adam’s Right is called the Euro hook bolt door lock, Euro because this is the system that is used widely in Euro and other parts of the world. In this mechanism you install a Profile Lock Cylinder, the advantage is space saver, easy to install, quality and reliable lock and mechanism the lock saves space by being in the door and only the handle is sticking out about 1 ½ inches from the door. This is more they enough space for one door to have regular residential locks and the security gate to have profile locks.