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It’s getting hot out, and most of us are inclined to drive everywhere in the comfort of our air conditioned cars—not to say we don’t hike or bike at all. Recently, Arizona has seen a spike again in car accident statistics.

Arizona Car Crash Statistics

Just to paint the picture a little clearer, Squaw Peak Lock and Key has gathered some recent statistical data that demonstrates the severity of reckless or “distracted driving.”

Out of 10,166 total crashes—according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety—11% of those crashes were distracted driver crashes with 10 fatalities and 380 injured as a result.

  • The leading cause at 22% was being distracted by “outside distractions.”
  • The second leading cause at 11%, the driver was reaching for object(s) within the vehicle.
  • And lastly, at 11%, drivers were using cell phone devices.

Even with enforced driving laws in the state of Arizona including bus drivers being banned from using cell phones while on the job, and fines for texting and driving, the communities are beginning to realize that it is a lack of awareness than creation of laws that may be the key to preventing future distracted driving crashes.

Nobody can rightfully justify distracted driving. As long as you’re behind the wheel, you take full responsibility of your “distractions.” Here are some common justifications people have given:

  • Reading a text is safer than responding to one.
  • Holding a phone higher up creates “better visibility.”
  • An increase in following distance.
  • Texting only at a stop sign or red light.

Tips for Safer Driving – Eliminate the Distraction

  • Don’t text, talk on the phone or listen to audio on phone. Even reading or surfing the web on your phone is a distraction itself.
  • Do NOT drive under the influence of any outside substance, such as drugs or alcohol.
  • Be sure to use extra caution at stop signs, railroads and traffic lights [even when you have a green light!].
  • Make sure to look both ways at yields, stop signs, pedestrian crossings and traffic lights.
  • Use your turn signals! It is not only common courtesy, but could also prevent car accidents.

Help our community become safer drivers!

When in doubt, just eliminate your distraction(s). A safe driver is a defensive driver: always prepared for those who are distracted drivers. Squaw Peak Lock and Key values the safety of our Phoenix communities and only hope to bring awareness to further protect you. We are also a 24 hour locksmith team with car locksmith technicians readily available if needed. Squaw Peak Lock and Key guarantees all parts and labor for 90 days. Call us today at (602) 325-5506 where any of our locksmiths would be happy to help!