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Valley Metro

Phoenix Public Transportation Tips

Some of us don’t have cars, cannot drive, or simply wish to use other means of transportation in the Phoenix, AZ area. Being a large metro, Phoenix offers various alternatives for the disabled, senior citizens or people who do not have, or would prefer public transportation. Cab/taxi services, Valley Metro, Dial-a-Ride, and Trolley services are all available to the communities in and around the Phoenix area. These services primarily serve Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale communities. Call or visit the local websites to verify which service accommodates your community.

Cab/Taxi Service

There are plenty of cab services to choose from like Discount Cab, Clean Air Cab, VIP Taxi, all of which serve various Phoenix communities. If you’re having a fun night out in downtown Scottsdale or on Mill Ave in Tempe, calling a cab is always a safe option for responsible driving alternatives.

Light Rail & Bus

The Light Rail and bus services operate through Valley Metro, which is also one of the largest regional transit systems. Valley Metro offers various other types of transportation such as people with disabilities and senior citizens. Valley Metro has resources available to allow you to select a route and to plan trips accordingly for travel and transportation on it’s public website.

Valley Metro Offers Quick Tips About Schedules:

  • Try to be 5 minutes early.
  • Not all bus stops are shown on the route maps or listed in the schedules. If you can’t find your stop/station, locate the one before yours to estimate when the bus will be there.
  • Departure times from park-and-ride centers are not always listed in the schedules.
  • Times in schedules are approximations. Actual arrival and departure times vary according to traffic conditions.
  • For Express and RAPID service, morning arrival times in central Phoenix and afternoon arrival times in outlying areas may be earlier or later than listed

Dial-a-Ride is one service offered to those who have disabilities and are unable to use the bus and train systems. If ADA certified, Dial-a-Ride is a great alternative. It allows you to schedule trips and to travel around the city via small transit vehicles.


There are shuttles that travel into Downtown Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. The Scottsdale Trolley service offers three trolley routes to its residents, all of which are free. Downtown Trolley, Neighborhood Trolley and Miller Road Trolley are the three offered. Visit the Scottsdale Trolley website for more information regarding schedules, maps and other questions.

For more information regarding public transportation in the Phoenix metro area, you can visit the City of Phoenix website for more assistance.