Phoenix Burglary Reinforces Security Systems Purpose

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Phoenix, az Gun Store Gets Broken Into

About 30 air rifles were stolen from a local Airsoft rental company located in Phoenix leading the owners to a drawing board of how to move forward from their loss. $15,000 worth of merchandise was reported stolen, and unfortunately, the company was not insured nor supplied with any security systems. A laptop with valuable information was stolen as well. The owner stated he had four options: 1) beg for donations, 2) shut down the shop and keep using the field, 3) deal with the loss and reinvest in new equipment, or 4) shut down the business altogether.

Commercial Locksmith Could Have Easy Prevent This

Experiences such as these are what drive Phoenix locksmiths at Squaw Peak Lock-n-Key ( to work vigorously to prevent, and to give their customers a strong sense of security. Our locksmiths offer alarm and commercial security systems, lock changes, repairs and replacements, safe and vault installation, and other methods of preventing property crimes like this. Plus, with our 24 hour emergency services, the locksmiths at Squaw Peak Lock-n-Key are dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction by making customer safety a priority.