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Outdoor Safety Tips

With it being relatively nice weather year round, Phoenix residents have lots to do. From swimming, to hiking, to yardwork to many other fun outdoor activities. As your locksmith in Phoenix, Squaw Peak Lock & Key wants to offer some quick outdoor safety tips to ensure both your home, valuables and yourself are properly protected at all times. Some people have sheds, garages, pools, gated areas, bikes, and other miscellaneous outdoor valuables or items that need security. Do you have a pad lock on your outdoor shed? What’s inside your shed—work/power tools, bikes, toys?

There is plenty to think about when you’re securing your home. But sometimes we forget about other things outside our home such as these outdoor sheds, our garages, gated pool and backyard areas, etc.

Safety Tips for Outdoor Items

  • Sheds – Most people keep their sheds locked with some sort of basic lock, like a padlock. This is good. Be sure if you have windows in your shed, you frost or cover them so thieves can’t look in to see what you have.
  • Garages – It might be shocking to hear that most people with garages do not close their garage doors. This is problematic because you’re breaching your own security on multiple levels. You’re compromising the security of your valuables within the garage, your car, and your home. Garage doors are one of the most common points of entry for burglary. It is important to close your garage door at all times, even when you’re home. That way, it deters thieves from any ideas of targeting your home. If you do not have an automatic garage door, it is important to properly secure your door with a solid lock.
  • Pools – Some people have pools in their backyards. It is important to implement some sort of gated area, especially if you have kids, to lessen the chances of drowning. Gated pool areas also give a sense of privacy, as well as deter people from trespassing or stealing property kept within the area.
  • Gates – Most gates are just standard. For more protection, you can install stronger types of gates and with locked entries. This helps secure your gated area, as well as deter thieves or strangers from snooping.
  • Bikes – Whether you commute to work or school, or perhaps just ride for fun, it is important to not only lock your bike, but to lock it properly. Many people will find that even when their bike is locked in a public place, their tires are stolen. There are helpful guides online that can teach you tricks to locking your bike so no thief can steal your bike, nor your bike tires. There are also many different types of locks, some of which offer heightened security as well as reputations for being “easy to pick.” Be sure you know which are which.

If you’re still not sure or need some advice on security other outdoor items, call Squaw Peak Lock & Key at (602) 325-5506. Any of our 24 hour locksmith technicians would be more than happy to assist with any questions or locksmith services!