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Lost Car Keys? Not Anymore!

Lost KeysLost car keys are now a thing of the past! We all understand the frustration of losing car keys, or anything for that matter, but we especially don’t like losing the tool to start our car and take us where we need to go. Although there is no guarantee that you will never lose your car keys, there are steps that can be taken to help you do it less often! Because of my frequent problem with lost car keys, I have decided to do some research and create a list of preventative tips and even some products that you can purchase to help you avoid losing your car keys again.

  • Leave Your Car Keys In One Designated Location

    Us humans are creatures of habit and many of us don’t like when our routine has been altered. This should also apply to where you leave your car keys. Personally, I leave them on my desk and I put them there as soon as I walk into the house. This allows me to know where they are at all times and helps me avoid being late to whatever it is I need to do because of lost car keys. Develop a routine on where you leave your keys and you leaving them in that spot will eventually become second nature.

  • Call A Local Phoenix Locksmith And Create A Key Copy

    Creating a key copy is a great way to ensure that even if you did locked keys in car, you can recover them quickly with your key copy or key duplication. Getting a key copy isn’t expensive and a local locksmith Phoenix can do it in a matter of minutes. I will even provide you with the phone number to get it done if you decide on getting a key duplication to avoid getting locked out of car. Phone Number: (602) 325-5506

  • Purchase The New Tile Key Finder & App

    The future is here! The Tile is a super tiny device can be attached to any item you’re in the habit of losing around the house. An app on your phone will allow you to hunt down your stuff, as long as it’s within a 150-foot radius. Your phone will display a signal as you get closer to that misplaced set of keys. You can even activate the Tile to ring when you really don’t have time to waste, sort of like the panic button on your car keys.