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Kwikset SmartKey

Kwikset SmartKey Review

Smart locks and keys are the upcoming trend for security these days. There’s been a lot of buzz as to how much security these locks can truly offer. So let’s take a look at the Kwikset SmartKey, and evaluate the pros and cons.

According to Security Snobs, despite their only real complaint being that the lock is specifically geared towards home security only, is “a revolutionary new lock from a manufacturer who traditionally did not produce high security locks.”

Advantages of Kwikset SmartKey:

  • Completely un-bumpable lock
    • Security Snobs counter that, “using a similar bump key and action they can be opened due to tolerance issues and a lack of proper false gates.”
  • Uses the same keys as their normal product line, but operates in a vastly different way
  • Pick resistant, and newer models include some force resistant countermeasures
  • Drill resistant, “the lock cylinder uses two steel balls inserted into the front of the key face to resist attack from drilling.”
  • Flexibility to rekey your own locks quickly and easily without removing them from your door.
    • This is a great feature because it can save you money and offers convenience if you’ve lost keys, recently moved, remodeling, fewer keys and most importantly, increase your home’s security!
  • ANSI Grade 1 deadbolt available, which is the certified highest level of residential security.

Myths & Truths About Kwikset SmartKey

Be aware that some certified locksmiths have warned customers that these locks are faulty. Like any other residential lock—and most everything you buy—has vulnerabilities. If you’re not sure which brand or type of lock to secure your home, try calling your local locksmith for a professional opinion. Your locksmith is knowledgeable on the latest locks and keys, and can offer some assistance in which is best suited for your home. SmartKey locks can be bought in home centers and hardware stores nationwide. A locksmith near you can always help install or answer any questions you might have regarding the security standards on the models, brands and types of residential locks.

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