Keeping Your Home Safe In Central Phoenix

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In recent years there has been a big push in the Central Phoenix area to bat down crime and transform this region’s reputation for crime. According to Neighborhood Scout’s crime index chart Phoenix only ranks 10% safer than other cities in the US. In 2008 for example Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio rallied hundreds of volunteer street security officers, reserves, and deputies in an effort to suppress the crime between 16th and 40th street and Indian School and Mcdowell roads. Things have improved but there are still plenty of crime and home robberies that persist in the Central Phoenix area. Our commitment to the Valley residents we serve is to always stay ahead of the curve when it comes to up and coming technology that could help prevent or mitigate a break in.

A recent article by the story of a couple from Bellevue, WA that left for a vacation and set up the new device Dropcam to keep an eye on their family dogs from afar. The small camera is synced with the couple’s mobile phone and sends alerts when there is motion detected. They received an alert late one night and opened up the app to see a masked man sifting through items in their garage. Thankfully because of this security device they were able to contact local authorities and didn’t end up losing any valuables. In addition to securing your homes locks and upgrading your hardware through a locksmith it is also a great investment to purchase some sort of monitoring device like the Dropcam. It retails at $149 which is a pretty reasonable investment to thwart a potential thief, if not just for peace of mind.