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Suzuki Forenza 2006

How to Change the Ignition Suzuki Forenza 2006

I got a call from a customer that has a stuck Ignition switch. She told me that this has happened before and she always got out of it by wiggling the key, but that trick has done its part and the car has been stuck for a few days now.

Since I didn’t carry the part with me, I called Auto Zone, and to my surprise not only did they have the part in stock but it was $22 after tax! (great price for this Lock Craft part).

I took a few photos to show how this job is done. It’s pretty simple stuff and if you’ve done ignitions before you will see that this is one of the easier ones but if you still have any questions feel free to contact me via the contact form on this site.

Let’s get started.
I suggest you get the part first (If you plan on changing it) and hold in hand, take a look and compare to make sure that they look the same.


This is how it all locked before I started the work.

First thing, take off all the screws.


Three on the bottom and I had two hiding behind the stirring wheel (I told the customer that I can take these off but I can’t put them back without taking apart the stirring wheel and that I am not doing that with Air bags and other missing tools)

Next you will find one screw holding what I think is the light over the key hole.

ignition switch

Remove that screw and we are done with the screw part.

Here comes the work, on the bottom of the new ignition you can see that there is a button, this button releases when the ignition is in the ACC position, unfortunately your ignition is stuck and will not turn so you can drill the button off.

ignition 2

It’s hard to see it but put the new one in the same position and you will know where to look.

ignition 3

Here is the Ignition from the bottom after the drilling.

Once you did that the ignition should slide out, if it does not, use tools to pull out. I had to sure the drill in the middle of the ignition to drill in a hole that helped me pull it out, all part of the job.