How to Fix Or Replace Ignition Switch for Japanese Cars

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How to Fix Or Replace Ignition Switch For Japanese Cars

This example is good for Honda, Nissan and other Japanese cars, The most common job like this I get is with Honda but that can be because they sale lots of cars.

I got a call for a stuck Ignition in a 1981 Nisan ZX280. The Key broke off in the ignition switch on the ON position and would not turn back.


Japanese cars make it hard to pull out the ignition switch, you need the right tools and the knowhow.

For starters the screws bolting the ignition to the steering column don’t have marking for a screw driver. As you can see there are 4 screws, two with marking and two without.




I used a Dermal to make a straight deep cut so I can use a flat head to unscrew.



Once the ignition is out there is a pin that is put in place to hold the ignition, drill a hole next to it so you can put the pin out with a flathead.

Drill Ignition


Once the Ignition is out I fixed the issue and put is back together.

new ignition


Made the customer two new keys for the car and told him not to use the old key.

new keys

One more happy customer!

happy customer