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Increasing Home Security Tips

Sometimes we seek some comfort in basic reminders or ways to provide better security for our homes. Here are a few common locksmith tips to increase your home security. While they might seem like common knowledge, they can also protect your home from potential security threats. Types of locks, locksmith services, types of doors, ways to deter burglars and many other tips are offered to expand your basic knowledge of home security and ways to properly secure your home.

Locksmith Tips for Better Security

  • Always rekey or change locks when you buy a new house. Previous owners could have a key copy, or they could have given key duplicates to neighbors, family members, friends, or even contractors. Rekeying or changing locks can ensure your new home remains secure. Rekey locks is also a great solution if you’ve lost keys – it’s typically more affordable and less time consuming than changing locks.
  • Deadbolts are one of the best residential security systems available. Do your research on the various brands and types to find the best one suited for your home. You can definitely upgrade if you prefer higher security for your house.
  • Find a locksmith you trust! Take your time and ask questions when searching for a reputable locksmith near you. This is important because if you’re ever in need of locksmith assistance, you don’t want to just call any random locksmith. Doing so typically results in some sort of scam.
  • Sturdy doors such as solid wood or steel offer better protection against burglars who try to use force to break in. If you have windows on or near your door, looking into double cylinder locks or other alternative security precautions is a good idea. This helps to protect against burglars who typically would break the window to access your lock.
  • Try to avoid hiding extra keys at all, especially under a door mat or above the door frame. These are the most common hiding places, and hiding keys in general is typically a bad idea no matter how creative you get.

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