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Home Security Tips for Arizona Snowbird Rentals

“Snowbirds” –people who spend a large portion of winter in warmer locations; such as people of the Midwest, Northeast, Pacific Northwest or Canada find warm refuge in places like California, Arizona, Florida or Texas—are no strangers to Arizona. Arizona natives are well aware of the snowbirds, popular destinations (Scottsdale and Paradise Valley being two of the most popular) as well as typical periods for them to be in the area. Many people will rent out their condo or apartment specifically for snowbirds during this time.

Squaw Peak Lock and Key has taken some time to sketch out a few helpful tips to securing your home in preparation for Arizona residents renting out to snowbirds.

Tips to Secure Home

  • Remove all valuables, or lock away. It’s probably best to just remove all valuables you don’t want your snowbirds to use while you are away. If you can’t for whatever reason, it’s best to lock them away in a safe of some sort to ensure its security.
  • Check all locks and keys. Not only do you want your home to be secured, but your snowbirds to be safe as well. Be sure to go through and make sure all locks and keys are functioning properly.
  • Lock sheds, cabinets or storage units within the house with strong locks. This will ensure no property will be stolen or damaged.

Snowbird Aftermath Tips

  • Make sure to receive all key copies given to the snowbirds are returned.
  • Rekey locks to ensure that your home is secure. Rekey locks is a locksmith service that is typically cheaper than change locks services, and offers the same amount of security at an affordable price.
  • Change locks or rekey locks on sheds, cabinets or storage units. If you typically leave them unlocked, then proceed as you wish.
  • Change passcode to gates or any other security measures that you deem fit to ensure that nobody can gain access your property without your consent.
  • Make sure all locks and keys are not damaged, and still functioning properly.

Squaw Peak Lock and Key is available 24 hours to ensure that if you need help with change locks or rekey locks, we are here to assist you! We want you and your snowbirds to be as safe, secure and comfortable as possible. Don’t hesitate to call us at (602) 325-5506 where any of our Phoenix locksmith technicians would be more than happy to help you!