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Going home for the holidays? Here are a few ways you can make traveling easier for yourself over the holidays.

Fun Facts for Holiday Travel

  • 91% of holiday travelers who have 100+ miles ahead of them opt to cover the distance by car. Just 5% take flights, and the remainder choose bus, train or sea transport.
  • Dec. 21, 22, 28 and 29 are said to be the most congested times for holiday travels. Dec. 16 through 20, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day have been reported to be the least busy days to travel during the holidays.
  • New Year’s Eve is another high-traffic day for airlines.

How to Make Traveling Simpler

  • Limit yourself to one carry-on item. Often times, people try to fit their large suitcases and cram their carry-ons with as much stuff as possible. If you can limit how many bags you check, or how much you have in your carry-on, it can make flying a little easier.
  • Choose a day when fewer people are flying or traveling. Though flights might be cheaper a different day, just factor in which is more important or convenient for you.
  • If you can tolerate a different form of transportation than flying, perhaps driving could be a better option for you (or some other form of transportation).
  • If possible, you could always try to work things out with relatives or friends to arrange for them to come to you instead (depending on schedules).

Don’t forget to lock up and take care of your house/apartment before you leave on vacation! Turning your heat/air off or lower, as well as lights, fans and other electronics to preserve energy and keep your bill low while you’re away is always a good option. Make sure your newspaper and/or mail is forwarded, collected [by a friend, neighbor or family member in the area], or held at the post office while you’re away. This benefits you so burglars can’t identify that you’re clearly not home from the pile of newspapers or mail collecting outside your door.