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It can be difficult to find a trustworthy locksmith near me that offers honest and reliable solutions for your situation. Whether you’re locked out of car or need some other locksmith service, it’s important to understand the locksmith industry. Here, there are some specific tips to finding a local locksmith you can trust.

What to Ask

  • Find out if the locksmith is insured. Policies like a “90 day warranty on all parts and labor,” or other insurance policies help ensure that the company is legit.
  • Get an estimate for all work and replacement parts from the locksmith before work begins. You might ask on the phone or view on a website a different price than what the locksmith tells you—but also remember that most locksmith prices are subject to change depending on your situation.
  • Call family or friends for recommendations. Who better to trust than your family and friends?
  • If you’re looking for a basic locksmith service such as rekey locks, change locks, upgrading locks, etc., you can do some research online, or even call around to different companies. This helps clear any questions or concerns, as well as read reviews of locksmith companies to find the right service for you.

What to Expect

  • When the locksmith arrives, ask for identification, including a business card and, where applicable, a locksmith license.
  • Expect the locksmith to ask you for identification, as well.
  • Most locksmiths work mobile, but most will arrive in a service vehicle that is clearly marked with their company’s name.
  • If experiencing a lockout, be cautious if you’re told up front that the lock has to be drilled and replaced. It’s not necessarily untrue, but it’s a commonly used technique that isn’t always necessary for lockouts.

Problem Solving

Once you find the right locksmith you trust, keep their information. Whether you keep it stored at home, in your office or perhaps with you at all time—in a wallet or purse—if there’s a “next time,” you’ll be prepared with a trusted locksmith to assist you.

If you have a problem with the locksmith service you’ve received or the locksmith technician, it’s best to resolve the issue with the company first. It helps if you address the issue quickly—“the sooner, the better”—since some locksmith companies have time stamps for complaints.