Why the Dodge Durango 2004 OME Key Costs Extra to Make

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Dodge Durango 2004 OME Key

Locksmiths make car keys. That’s a known fact. If you lose your car key, you can call Squaw Peak Lock and Key. We come out to your location and make a key. In most cases, we charge for regular non-transponder keys around $125, which includes the blank key, running a code and cutting the key. It also includes the mobile service – we don’t charge you a trip charge.

In cases that there is a chip key, the price goes up a bit to roughly $165 depending on the type of car you have. With some of GM vehicles, the code runs us much more than other import cars and we can offer better prices.

Dodge Durango 2004 OME Key – Car Key Copy Services

But, when it comes to Chrysler and Dodge, all bets are off. Chrysler has its own programming system and requires its own set of computers. Dodge is basically the same, with one exception of the Dodge Durango 2004. This vehicle not only needs the computer OBP system, but it also needs an OEM key and cannot be done without it. Aside from the Dodge Durango 2004, all the other Dodge Durango model years, you can use any key blank manufacture you like such as Ilco, Startech or whatever is cheaper out there.

If you have a Dodge Durango 2004 and need a new key for your car, I have some bad news for you. Since Dodge decided to make your key an OEM original, only they sell the key blank for a very high price. Squaw Peak Lock and Key can make your key but it will cost around $350. The good news is that you will have a working key with a remote that controls your doors and alarm system.