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Within the last several years the West Valley has been singled out for a large expansion of commercial property by the Phoenix area developers the Alter Group. The project is expected to take several decades to complete and will sprawl over 1,500 acres throughout Avondale and Glendale. Along with these developments will also come ten thousand jobs and $600 million dollars in annual wages that will help the economy in the West Valley. At Squaw Peak Locksmith we specialize in commercial locksmith services and are obviously excited about all these large scale commercial developments on the West side. Phoenix in general has historically ranked high on the “Most Dangerous Cities” list and this year came in twelfth. The West Valley like any other area of course has pockets of higher crime and less than desirable areas. With these statistics and the impending boom of commercial space throughout the West Valley also comes the need for awareness and preparedness when it comes to protecting these properties and the people that occupy them. In most cases insurance companies will actually offer a discount to property owners that take the necessary steps to lock up their facility so there’s no reason West Valley business owners shouldn’t be taking advantage of a local locksmith expert.

After the appropriate locks and equipment is put in place key and access control are essential to making sure your property will be secure. In order to make sure keys and access data don’t fall into the wrong hands take heed of the following tips from your local experts at Squaw Peak Locksmith:

-Get keys that say “do not duplicate,” this don’t not ensure your keys will never get duplicated but it’s a good starting point.

  • Issue as few keys as possible
  • Take a periodic inventory and audit of your keys
  • Control who can make duplicates and holds master keys
  • Establish specific rules regarding loaning out keys