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Phoenix Weather Forecast

Cold Weather Causes Problems With Car Door Locks

Cold weather isn’t typical in Phoenix AZ, which is why you might experience some issues with sticky car door locks. The highs this week in Phoenix will be well below the normal averages. Due to the extremely low temperatures, your car door locks might experience some problems.

Sudden Temperature Drops In Phoenix AZ

Phoenix weather rarely drops lower than 50 degrees. This week in Phoenix, temperatures will drop below 40 degrees and might not even hit 60 degrees for the high. In the valley, we will likely see scattered showers and even snow is expected in the northern Arizona area. In comparison, last year around the month of December the average low was 54 degrees. This week, the average low is a whopping 41 degrees! So please, consider our cold weather car care tips below and stay warm!

Cold Weather Car Care Tips

  • Warm water can loosen up a cold lock if poured on the door lock.
  • If you have a remote starter, use it! This will allow you to heat up your car in the comfort of your warm home!
  • If one door is difficult to unlock due to the cold weather, try another lock. Some may be easier to open than others.
  • If you have a garage, park in it and close the garage door. The garage is much warmer than outside temperatures.

For Car Locksmith Assistance

If you are locked out of car or need help with frozen car door locks, call a locksmith at Squaw Peak Lock & Key, your local locksmith Phoenix, and we will send an emergency locksmith to help you. Do you have a broken key? Our locksmith Phoenix can also provide a car key replacement or a key copy. Call Squaw Peak Lock & Key today at 602-325-5506 to speak with an emergency locksmith Phoenix today!