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Living in apartment is an efficient and affordable way to live for most, especially in larger metros like Phoenix. Squaw Peak Lock & Key has provided some quick apartment safety tips to ensure your safety and security. Maybe you just moved into a new apartment and want to ensure you’re the only one with access to your apartment. Did your key or lock warp from the summer heat of Arizona? Perhaps it’s holiday season, and you’re going away for a few days. Whatever you situation might be, it’s important to ensure that your apartment is secure at all times.

Apartment Safety Tips

  • Porch Light: Leaving a small light on your porch can help you identify unexpected visitors through your peephole at night, as well as yourself when returning to your apartment.
  • Social Media: Don’t post any daily routines or travel plans on Twitter or Facebook. Social media platforms are easy and common ways for thieves to pick their targets.
  • Spare keys: Don’t hide in obvious places if you decide to hide them (i.e. under a doormat, above the door frame, etc.). Giving a spare to a family member in the area or a close friend can be beneficial if you’re ever locked out or need them to check on your place while you’re away.
  • Sliding door(s) & windows: Be sure to lock sliding door(s) and windows, especially if you’re in a unit on the ground floor. Windows and side doors are common access points of entry.
  • Neighbors: Getting to know your neighbors, or a friend/family member in the local area, can be beneficial. They can help keep an eye out for suspicious activity when you’re away, or need other help.

Squaw Peak Lock & Key – Apartment Locksmith Phoenix

If you’re unsure as to whether or not your apartment is properly secured, call your local Phoenix locksmith, Squaw Peak Lock & Key. We have apartment locksmith Phoenix experts who are more than happy to assist you any way that they can. Open door locks when locked out, change locks, rekey locks, provide a key replacement or duplication, extract a broken key, are all services our locksmith in Phoenix can provide. Squaw Peak Lock & Key also serves as a mobile locksmith team to ensure we address your apartment safety concerns immediately. Call us today at (602) 325-5506 where we can help you locate a locksmith near me.